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Nepal is a landlocked country with a great diversity of natural and cultural wealth, found nowhere else on Earth.

The land rises abruptly from the sweltering Terai/plains in the south at 60 meters above sea level to the freezing heights of the Himalayan in the north well above 8000 meters culminating in the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848 meters - with lush sub- tropical forests, green hills and valleys in between - within a distance of a meter 200 km. Nepal possesses all the natural gifts of mother nature, whatever possible in the earth.

The tale of the country dates back to the time when the Gods and Goddesses communed with the mortals. Religion and festivals are an integral part of every day life here. People still respect age old culture and tradition, history still lives on here among the numerous beautiful temples, monuments and palaces of exquisite art and architecture.   

This varied landscape offers a fascinating array of cultural experience, sightseeing and adventure opportunities.

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Serene Travels & Tours (p.) Ltd. is a leading travel agency in Nepal, a Destination Management Company in Nepal. We are one of key travel agents in Nepal that brings tours of "Incredible Nepal", the country that has mystified the world for centuries.

Your tour to Nepal, a colorfully diverse country, will enchant you with the beauty of its Culture, Mountain and Nature. The tour to Nepal will enrich you with its culture, heritage, wildlife, flora & fauna, folklore, festivals, spirituality, philosophy and at the same time surprise you with its modernity. Serene Tours & Travel packages also offers the welcoming smile of hospitable people who make it a must experience destination.

We guarantee you personal and efficient service to assist with any enquiries and commit to quality in all aspects of the product and service we provide.

We always try to ensure that our guests receive the most accurate and efficient service, guaranteeing quick answers to your queries and rapid confirmation of your booking request.

Our main goal is to satisfy our valued customers. So, whenever you plan to visit Nepal, please feel free to contact us for all the necessary details regarding your trip. We'll be very happy to serve you. Our reliable personnel have several years of experience in the field and are well capable of handling all sorts of situations.

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Trekking in Nepalese Himalaya is one long-term activity that draws repeat visitors to the country; Nepal is the ultimate destination for the trekking & hiking enthusiast.

Nepal offers a myriad of possibilities from the short and easy walking excursions to the demanding and strenuous challenges of the snowy peaks and their foothills and valleys. But however easy or moderate, or strenuous, there is something for every palate that goes with trekking in Nepal's hills, mountains and hinterlands, the most rewarding way to experience Nepal's indomitable combination of natural beauty and cultural riches is to walk through the length, breadth and the altitudes of Nepal. Trekking to Nepalese Himalaya is a unique cultural experience as well as an ultimate Himalayan adventure. You will share the trekking trail with many pack animals and hard working porters who carry heavy load of supplies, much of which is consumed by trekkers.A trek in Nepal is a special and rewarding mountain holiday. Trekking in Nepal will take you through a country that has captured the imagination of mountaineers and explorers for years. You will meet people in remote mountain villages whose lifestyle has not changed in generations. Nepal is one of only a handful of countries that has never been ruled by a foreign power. Many of the values associated with a hiking trip at home do not have the same importance during a trek in Nepal. Isolation is traditionally a crucial element of any wilderness experience but in Nepal it is impossible to get completely away from people, except for short times or at extremely high elevations. During the trekking period you will see the great diversity of Nepal from Villages that embrace many ethnic groups and cultures to the terrain that changes from tropical jungle to high glaciated peaks in only 150 km. From the start, the towering peaks of the Himalaya provide one of the highlights of a trek.

From snow claimed mountains to plain lands, Serene Trek will provide you the fullest possible satisfaction of trekking.

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