Sun Koshi River Rafting

One of the top ten best rivers in the world - 10 days

Sun Kosi River is an ideal destination for pursuing a classic white water rafting trip in Nepal. Sunkoshi which means “Golden River", is one of the longest river cascading 270 km through Mahabharat Lekh Mountains to the Himalaya. Drifting through this torrential river on the raft boat, we have nature accompany us all along the river trip showering ample opportunity to witness exotic wildlife in its natural habitat. Besides this absolute overwhelming whitewater rafting against roaring rapids from put-in point below the Village of Lamosangu to the put-out point at Chatara, we can have cultural encounters as we approach pristine hamlets on terraced hillsides. Along the route, we may sight-see exotic animals like Languor monkeys, spotted deer, otter anteater etc and many unique bird species. Several Hindu temples come on the way which very well worth a visit.

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