Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a land of unparalleled scenic beauty located within one of the most diverse geographical areas on earth high in the Himalayas between China and India, it has retained its essentially agrarian and medieval character. Its wondrous history and geography are still the defining aspects of everyday life.

Almost every part of Nepal, there is a variety of trekking adventures awaiting the trekker, some easy, others not so. In this small wonderland, trekking itineraries range from 3 days to several weeks and provide endless opportunities of discovery. Among the altitude regions of the Nepalese Himalayas, reality becomes a dream. Trekking in Nepal is an unforgettable experience. It not only allows you to experience the unexplored mountain ranges made by nature, but also brings you directly in touch with the country, its people and their lifestyle and culture. The visitors appreciate the mountain environment in multiple dimensions.

Climbing and trekking holidays in the Nepalese Himalayas is highly adventurous. Nepal has an unsurpassed range of bio-diversity, ranging from the lowland of Terai to the snowy summit of the highest mountain range on Earth. Travelling in Nepal offers opportunities to submerge in Himalayan bliss to a chance to step back in time. Standing before the entire world as a vivid kaleidoscope of picturesque landscapes, exotic wildlife, arid high-altitude meadows, magnificent mountains, incredible travel destinations, unique culture, festivals, ancient heritage, pristine backwaters, and exotic cuisine, Nepal is undoubtedly a travellers delight. Trekking in Nepal is often referred to as walking through the paradise on earth.

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